Box Jellyfish Calendar 2023

Swimming with Manta Rays and other marine animals in or around Hawaii is great fun, but no one wants to be stung by a jellyfish.

8-10 days after a full moon, there is a higher probability of seeing box jellyfish in the waters of Hawaii. Box jellyfish reproduce offshore and might get blown towards the leeward sides of all Hawaiian Islands.

While none of the jellies you find in Hawaii are deadly, their sting burns badly, irritates the skin, and can ruin a vacation.

Knowing when the box jellyfish are floating near the shore, you can better decide how to be prepared when encountering one. Learn more about jellies and what to do when you get stung here:

This 2023 calendar (PDF download) with beautiful marine life pictures from Hawaii shows you when to prepare for a higher probability of box jellyfish in the water - and what days should be safe.

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