Calm Amidst Chaos - Relaxation in Uncertain Times

Submerge Yourself in Relaxation with Manta Rays

Guided Video Meditations

Manta rays move with ease and grace - and being in their presence often has a healing effect on people. This digital collection of 8 video meditations let you experience the calming influence of manta rays online - from the comfort of your home or office.

Never meditated before?

No worries. All you need is a desire to relax and a willingness to let the manta rays share their wisdom for a peaceful life. Martina's stunning underwater imagery will keep you gently focused as Amanda walks you through each meditation.

Watch and listen to the meditations in any order. Listen to one each day, or to all of them throughout the day. 
Let the manta rays guide your heart towards a more peaceful way of being, even in uncertain times.

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